Creative Solutions Strategist / Branded Content at NBCUniversal

I love business innovation and I am happy to be part of “NBCUnlimited” the branded content unit inside one of the biggest media companies in the world: NBCUniversal. I design multi-platform campaigns for top clients in Latin America- Chanel, Pepsi, VW, Samsung, McDonald’s, to name a few.

My solid multidisciplinary background in Marketing, Digital, and Management across industries (Warner Music, Matrix Internet, SOBE Group, Discovery Communications) has contributed to give me 360 degrees view of brand strategy and campaign effectiveness.

The mentality of #NeverStopStudying contributes to the enrichment and creativity of my work. I value intellectual knowledge, as much I believe in intuition and good hands-on experience.
I have B.A. in Communication, Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology, and a professional certification in digital Marketing. Along my 16+ years of career, I have managed my time to keep up with the latest on Business, Statistics, Leadership, and Project Management, learning from Ivy League universities and top executives around the world. More than titles and awards, for me the most important KPI is to deliver client’s results by maximizing resources, minimizing costs and ensuring their goals are met, affecting their companies bottom line with efficiency.

For me, the “bonus” about working with top clients in Latin America is the pleasure of working with people from different backgrounds. I learn everyday about each culture: from Influencers in Colombia, to High-tech applications in Mexico, and Start-ups in Brazil, for example.

My personal journey exposed me to the acculturation process and made me learn from the cultural melting pot the world is today. I was born in Brazil, and lived in San Francisco before moving to Miami 13 years ago. I am married to a Swiss loving husband and we have a 2 years-old non-stoppable American girl. I am fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and one day I will add French to the list.

Personal side: I love traveling around the globe and love reading anything related to Neuroscience, Behavioral Psychology and AI.